Location medical cover - TV and Film set ambulance and medical cover

Location Medical Cover in London and across the UK

Medical Cover for TV and Film

SMS – and Southern Ambulance Services, (trading name of Elite Medical and Ambulance Services Ltd), offer medical cover for TV and Film sets in London and the South and across the UK. Whether you need an ambulance technician or a first aider to provide medical cover or advice then we can provide you with a no obligation quote. Please call 0845 388 8485.

Ambulance and Medical Equipment Tailored to your Requirements

We will happily provide a single medic or crewed ambulance, depending on the nature of your shoot and the cover you need. Whether it be for a last minute promo, an advertisement shoot or for a long term commitment.

Highly Experienced Team

Our vastly experienced staff will act in a professional manner on set, yet will be happy to be one of the team when needed.

Medical Props

We can also supply uniformed medical staff for in shot work as well as a variety of ambulance vehicles and equipment.

location medical services

TV and film set location medical cover